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This research was conducted from January to June 2015 at the Tissue Culture Laboratory, Faculty of Forestry, Tadulako University. The explant used in this study was the stem of seedling. Experimental was based on a completely randomized design (CRD) with 4 treatments, and 3 replication, with 3 explants on each unit. Growth Medias as treatments were  H1 = MS0 + 0.5ppm BAP + 1.5 ppm 2.4-D; H2 = MS0 +0.5 ppm BAP + 2 ppm 2.4-D, H3 = MS0 + 0.5 ppm BAP + 2.5ppm 2.4-D, andH4 = MS0 + 0.5 ppm BAP + 3ppm 2.4-D. Parameters observation were time in callus appear, type of callus,  color of callus, the weight of callus, morphology of callus cells. Callus was induched on those medium under dark condition at  26-280 C. The result of the research showed that all treatments can induced the callus. The Medium of  ms0 + 0,5ppm BAP + 1.5 ppm of 2,4-D (H1) was the best media for callus induction, as it showed  in short period of  callus induction, the appearance of yellowish-white colors, highest in mass and volume of the callus cell, and showed uniform and active cell in proliferation.

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