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Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is a disease caused by the dengue virus with Aedes aegypti as the main  vector.  Diseases  (DHF)  can  cause  death  and  cases  tend  to  fluctuate  from  year  to  year  in Indonesia, including Palu City. Therefore, we carry out community service for the prevention of DHF in Palu City. As for the activities that we carried out in the form of distributing questionnaires, educating the community around the final waste disposal site in the Kawatuna village. The education we provide is the  eradication  of  mosquito  nests  through  the  application  of  3M  Plus,  including  draining  water reservoirs,  closing  water  reservoirs,  recycling  used  goods  that  can  potentially  become  mosquito breeding grounds. In addition to education, we also provide mosquito repellent lotion for use during the day.The service that we have done can make the community around the final waste disposal site aware of the importance of preventing dengue fever and can be seen from the enthusiasm of relevant stakeholders and the local community.


Dengue; 3M; pencegahan

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