The Influence of Climate Factors on Cocoa Productivity in Sulawesi, 2019

  • Marta Sundari Indraprasta University
  • Pardomuan Robinson Sihombing BPS-Statistics Indonesia
Keywords: Cocoa, SARMA, Spatial, Sulawesi


Cocoa is one of the plantation commodities that has an important role in Indonesia's economic activity and is one of Indonesia's export commodities which is quite important as a source of foreign exchange and oil and gas. Sulawesi Island is one of the cocoa-producing islands in Indonesia. This study aims to determine a spatial regression model between the average cocoa productivity per month with the average drinking temperature per month, the average monthly rainfall and the average length of sunshine per month and the climatic factors that affect cocoa productivity in Sulawesi. The best model estimation uses the AIC value; the best model has the smallest AIC value. In this study, the SARMA spatial regression model is the best model with the specified criteria.