Indications of the Potential of Shale Gas for Non-Conventional Energy Sources in Indonesia

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Fandika Agustiyar


Shale Gas is a potential non-conventional energy source to be developed. However, currently shale gas has not been developed optimally in Indonesia. Therefore, the authors aim to help develop the potential of shale gas by indicating the potential for distribution in Indonesia. The research study was conducted by reviewing literature sourced from literature such as journals, articles and books. Based on the research conducted, potential shale gas reserves are found in the North Sumatra Basin, Central Sumatra Basin and South Sumatra Basin. Geochemical method which includes parameters of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), type of kerogen and maturity level (Ro) used to develop shale gas potential in an area. Shale gas can be a substitute for conventional fossil fuels, so further studies are needed so that it can be produced commercially

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