Green Open Space Design in Papan Island Township Arrangement

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Muhammad Bakri
Afiat Muhammad
Lutfiah Thaha


:  The purpose of open space is as a forum for organizing activities that are not only limited to human activities but also as a forum for nature conservation Papan Island has the potential as a tourist destination with its cultural wealth and biodiversity, by creating a space for tourists and still paying attention to the needs of the people of Papan Island and its environment, a tourist area will be created with the concept of Green Open Space (RTH) Method: The method used in this research is the Architectural design method. This method uses an analysis of the activities and needs of tourists and the community on Papan Island. Data obtained through interviews, observations, documentation, and literature studies Results and Discussion:  This research makes the concept of shared space in architecture refer to an area or environment designed to be used and enjoyed together by a group of people. Based on the results of the analysis that has been carried out, the following design response will be made, namely making flexible openings such as large sliding door openings but at the same time can be closed. Conclusion This research shows that green spaces can be a key element in creating a healthier, more comfortable, and sustainable environment on Papan Island:

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