Potential Study on Soil Arthropods Diversity as Vegetation Bioindicators at Puthuk Siwur and Mount Pundak Hiking Trails District of Mojokerto

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Muhibbuddin Abdillah
Saiful Anwar


Puthuk Siwur and Mount Pundak located at Mojokerto Region. Soil athropods having important role on ecosystem including the vegetations. This study was aimed for understand the potential of soil arthropods diversity as an vegetation bioindicators. Based on the results some family having potential to correlate with the vegetations on its habitat. Formicidae Family having potential as predators at a location that some of the vegetation producing fruits. Staphinilidae Family having potential for correlated with vegetation that produce leaf debris on high amount. Entomobrydae family having potential for correlated with decomposing activity of dying vegetation bodies at high altitude.

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