Weed Plant in Cacao and Clove Plantations in Lakatan Village, Tolitoli Regency, Central Sulawesi

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Moh Iqbal
Hairil Hairil


Diversity of weeds in Cacao plantations and Clove plantations at Lakatan Village, Tolitoli Regency, Central Sulawesi was conducted in May to August 2019. The method used is a double plot method with 16 plots and divided into two parts, 8 plots on cacao plantations and 8 plots on clove plantations randomly placed. Each type of weed contained in the plot was recorded and collected for the manufacture of herbarium specimens, identification was carried out at the Plant Biosystematics Laboratory, Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Tadulako University. The results showed 17 families with 29 species of weed in both plantation areas, 21 species in cacao plantations and 23 species in clove plantations. Families that are often found in both  are Asteraceae and Poaceae.

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