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Brownies Home Business is one of the home-scale industries that produce brownies. This business began in 2011 and still active today. Brownies Home Business has conducted quality control over the products produced, but there are still failing products produced by the business. Even though the product failed to affect the benefits obtained because the costs incurred increased. For this reason, it is necessary to have quality control so that the products obtained experience less product failure. The analysis conducted in this study uses the Statistical Quality Control (SQC) approach. Statistical Quality Control (SQC) is a problem solving technique that used to control, analyze, and improve products so that they are expected to contribute to improving the quality of a production. Statistical Quality Control (SQC) analysis showed that the number of products examined was 2100 brownies with an average production that was damaged during fourteen days of observation of 7,71% with a total of failed products produces as many as 162 brownies. The type of damage that can occur in brownies products produced include immature defect, swift defects, and burns defects. The most common type of damage was defective immature by 56,79% with a total product of 92 brownies. From the analysis results obtained that the quality control in Brownies Home Business is well controlled.

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