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Aircraft are effective transportation compared to land and sea transportation. This causes the growth of demand flow of movement, both passengers and aircraft each time period is always increasing. However, The issues that arise are the issues that arise. Meanwhile, the problems that occur are capacity building. Based on the description above, one example of a queue system that is often encountered in daily life is the transportation service system, for example the plane queue at Ahmad Yani International Airport. Based on observations made while boarding the plane, it is not according to the schedule, which is normal because of the arrival of the plane that is not on time. This causes the airport parking lot to be full or busy and can prevent the arrival of the aircraft. Related to the application of the queue method can overcome the difficulties in standing aircraft parking facilities at Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang.The results analysis model data of passenger plane queue system at Ahmad Yani International Airport (G / G / 8) : (GD / ∞ / ∞). The non-poisson model of time distribution interval arrivals  the normal log and logistic distribution time, servers 8 th queue discipline use FIFO, unlimited service capacity, and unlimited transfer resources

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