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Tofu is a processed soybean food ingredient that is widely consumed by the public. Besides having a high nutritional content, tofu is also relatively cheap and easy to obtain. Tofu has a short shelf life and is easily damaged, so producers often add the preservative formaldehyde, which has been banned for use. Formalin or formaldehyde is not included in the list of food additives because they are toxic and harmful to health. This study was aimed to determine the reduction of formalin levels in white tofu by soaking green chilies. The study was carried out experimentally with the spectrophotometric method using the Schiff reagent. Absorbance measurements were carried out at a maximum wavelength of 580 nm. Parameters observed were the addition of 0% green chili solution concentration 0%; 2.5%; 5.0%; 7.5%; 10%; and 12.5% for 10 minutes of continuous immersion; 20 minutes; and 30 minutes. Based on the results of the study, it was found that each addition of green chili solution concentration reduced the formalin level along with the soaking time. The addition of 12.5% green chili solution for 30 minutes resulted in the greatest decrease in formalin levels, namely 69.82%. Based on these results it was concluded that the addition of green chili solution could reduce formalin in tofu.

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Edy Agustian Yazid, Department of Chemistry, Delima Husada College of Health Analyst, Jalan Arief Rahman Hakim No. 2 B, Gresik 61111, Indonesia

Department of Chemistry

Delima Husada College of Health Analyst

Jalan Arief Rahman Hakim No. 2 B, Gresik 61111