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Plant resources utilization is one ecological force promoting extinction risk in the plant kingdom. Many plant species have been wiped off the globe due to this factor. This is what makes studying human perception in relation to utilization of biological resources very important especially the threatened species. This study consider a threatened tree species Terminalia ivorensis that is found in Nigeria. Local people from a small locality within the Southwest region of Nigeria were interviewed in this study. The result of this study revealed wide range of uses this species is collected for in the wild. Which implies the local people are very familiar with this plant species to be collected for different purposes. Most of the parts of this plant species are used for one purpose or another. This study conclude that continuous indiscriminate collection of this species will keep declining the population in the wild and also aggravate the risk of extinction. It is recommended that the local people be sensitized on the sustainable utilization of this species and also government regulation that discourage indiscriminate harvest of this species should be enacted.

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