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Herbal plant ethno pharmacy study in Butonse has been coducted from January to april
2014 in Binongko Sub-districtm Wakatobi Regency of South East Sulawesi. This research aimed to
find out various species and plant organs used, kinds of diseases healed, and the way to use the herbal
plants by Butonese in Binongko Sub-district. This was a descripive research using qualitative
method.The sample was taken through snowball technique with 17 informans by using questiomnaire.
Based on the research result, it was obtained 53 species of plants and divided into 35 families that
used as medicine.The most used plants were family of Euphorbiaceae of 6 species. It was found 3
kinds of unique plants used such as tali putri, daun picah, and kayu kuda. The organs used were leaf,
fruit, stem, tuber, root, rhozome. Latex, flower, stem skin, and wood skin. The most used plant’s
organ was the leaves of 56%. The wey is by boiling, pounding, chewing, squeezing, slicing, smearing,
burning, dropping, soaking, consuming directly, gratting, attachng, and having smoke. The most way
used is by boiling and pounding for 34% each.


Ethnopharmacy Plant herbal Butonese

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Indrayangingsih, W. O. I., Ibrahim, N., & Anam, S. (2015). STUDI ETNOFARMASI TUMBUHAN BERKHASIAT OBAT PADA SUKU BUTON DI KECAMATAN BINONGKO, KABUPATEN WAKATOBI, SULAWESI TENGGARA. Jurnal Farmasi Galenika (Galenika Journal of Pharmacy) (e-Journal), 1(2), 79-84.

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