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One of the important topics in mathematics is matrix theory. There are various types of matrix, one of which is a circulant matrix. Circulant matrix generally fulfill the same operating axioms as square matrix, except that there are some specific properties for the circulant matrix. Every square matrix has a determinant. The concept of determinants is very useful in the development of mathematics and across disciplines. One method of determining the determinant is condensation. The condensation method is classified as a method that is not widely known. The condensation matrix method in determining the determinant was proposed by several scientists, one of which was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson with the Dodgson condensation method. This paper will discuss the Dodgson condensation method in determining the determinant of the circulant matrix. The result of the condensation of the matrix will affect the size of the original matrix as well as new matrix entries. Changes in the circulant matrix after Dodgson's conduction load the Toeplitz matrix, in certain cases, the determinant of the circulant matrix can also be determined by simple mental computation.

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