Exploration of Terresterial Fern (Pteridophyta) in Mt. Rore Kautimbu Area Lore Lindu National Park

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Zainudin Zainudin
Ramadanil Ramadanil


The study entitled "Exploration of Terrestrial Ferns in Mountain of Rore Katimbu, Lore Lindu National Park" has been carried out from March to September 2019. This study was aimed to describe the species of terrestrial ferns in Mountain of Rore Kautimbu, Lore Lindu National Park. The method was used botanical exploration methods. The results showed that there were 19 species consisted of 13 families of terrestrial ferns. Mostly, ferns were distributed in the tropics and subtropics area. Species that only distributed naturally in Sulawesi dan Maluku was Alsophila celebica (Blume) Mett.

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