The peer review process is intended to ensure that only manuscripts with good content of science will be published. In general, to be acceptable, a manuscript should represent an advance in understanding likely to influence thinking in the field, with strong evidence for their conclusions. The 5th International Seminar on Science and Technology (5-ISST) implements a peer-review policy of single-blind review and will do a similarity check. The submitted paper will be exclusively evaluated and reviewed in layers. The submitted manuscript will be first evaluated by the editor and it is rarely to be rejected except if the content of the manuscript is out of the aims and scope, the manuscript contents have insufficient originality, or have serious scientific flaws. Manuscripts that meet the minimum criteria of our seminar are normally passed on to reviewers. Reviewers will review and evaluate the manuscript's content, give a comment related to the submitted manuscript and recommend whether the manuscript is suitable enough to be published by the Publisher.  The editor will evaluate the manuscript thoroughly based on the reviewer`s recommendation and make a final decision whether to accept or reject or ask the author to do a revision for the manuscript. After going through all these processes, the manuscript can be submitted to Publisher for publication.