Forecasting the Consumer Price Index in Yogyakarta by Using the Double Exponential Smoothing Method

1-7 Syintya Febriyanti, Wahyu Aji Pradana, Muhammad Juliana Saputra, Edy Widodo
Read Statistic: 156

K-Means Clustering for Grouping Indonesia Underdeveloped Regions in 2020 Based on Poverty Indicators

8-15 Resti Wahyuni
Read Statistic: 72

Clustering of Province in Indonesia Based on Aquaculture Productivity Using Average Linkage Method

16-20 Fachruddin Hari Anggara Putera, Septina F. Mangitung, Madinawati, Lilies Handayani
Read Statistic: 76

Individual and Contextual Factors Affecting DPT Immunization in Indonesia

21-31 Resti Wahyuni, Titik Harsanti
Read Statistic: 58

Forecasting of the Amount of Rupiah Banknotes Flows in the East Region of Indonesia Using Circular Regression

32-39 Jassinca Chrissma Audina, Rais, Lilies Handayani
Read Statistic: 75

Analysis of Skin Disease Infection After the Palu Earthquake Using Binary Logistic Regression

40-46 Selvia Anggun Wahyuni, Lilies Handayani, Muhammad Akriyaldi Masdin, Salmia
Read Statistic: 73